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Shelly Rickloff

I love everything about Wine & Design and I am so happy to do what I love! When I graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor Fine Arts degree in 2012, I didn’t know what my career options were as an artist. Not long after graduating, I discovered Wine & Design and was so excited to begin a career with a company that combined all the things I love – art, teaching, having fun, and of course wine! I’ve been with Wine & Design from the beginning in 2012 and have learned so much since then, and look forward to painting a bright future!

I always enjoy painting & crafting on my own time too, whether for commissions, gifts, and for our company! I have a whole studio in my house full of every arts and crafts item you can think of. I have created several concept paintings & projects to be taught in classes for all Wine & Design franchises. I’m very excited to take my career to the next level with Wine & Design Corporate. I can’t wait to help shape the future for the company and help enable other studios to be successful, all while challenging me to be a better artist and leader. I believe in putting the ART in pARTy and I believe in Wine & Design! Cheers!

  1. What was your first job growing up? Or what career goals did you have as a child?
    I've always been 'drawn' to the visual arts. In elementary school, art class was my favorite. I was always shy and art provided an outlet for me to express myself. As a young child, my artwork was always featured in the school hallways, the local mall, and even the State Fair! I also attended art camps growing up, participated in art clubs, took every art class my high school offered. Through college I worked customer service jobs and art supply stores, and when I graduate I found Wine & Design!

  2. What effect does art have on you? Art relaxes me and takes my mind on a creative journey. It’s an outlet to escape daily stresses and a time to relax and unWINEd. Art can also be expressive way of how I feel and makes me happy when I create a successful masterpiece!

  3. If you could be a cocktail, what would you want to be?
    Cosmopolitan. It's a classy cocktail, with a little bit of sour punch, and it's pink!

  4. What is one item off of your bucket list?
    I would love to swim with sharks one day.

  5. Who is your favorite artist?
    Claude Monet

  6. What is your favorite color?