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Marianne Burt

Artist Training and Technique Expert

  1. What was your first job growing up? Or what career goals did you have as a child?
    My First income: selling hand made square knot hemp & bead bracelets and chokers! Career Goals as a child: To be a nurse or school teacher

  2. Write about a recent adventure or travel experience.
    Most recent adventure/Travel would be with my Chicago family: 12 siblings, 19 nieces and nephews, parents and grand niece and nephew in Chicago

  3. What effect does art have on you?
    ART is my life, my sight, my soul and my first love!

  4. If you could be a cocktail, what would you want to be?
    Dry Tanqueray Martini straight up with a twist and 3 olives!

  5. What is one item off of your bucket list?
    Living in Italy!