Pop In & Paint

Event Date: Tuesday, February 4, 2020 11:00 am

Price: $35.00

Location: 660 Lake Joy Rd Kathleen GA 31047


"Feeling like you need to de-stress a little? " Then Pop-In & Paint! We have an array of colorful paints, brushes, pre-traced and blank canvases for you to choose from. Pop-In and paint what feels right to you while taking your mind off things to express your creative side. While staff will be present to help you get started, they will not be guiding you through each painting step. They will however be your biggest fan and cheerleader along the way. Pre-traced canvases are based on availability.

It looks like you're interested in a signing up for a class that is starting soon! In order to reserve your spot, please contact us directly by phone or email so we can make sure we have everything you need to create your masterpiece. Cheers!

Categories: Design In Studio