Event Date: Tuesday, February 18, 2020 6:30 pm

Price: $25.00


Location: 6255 College Drive, Suite R-1 Suffolk VA 23435


Because everyone in Open Studio chooses a different canvas painting option from what's ALREADY PRETRACED in our studio, this class does not follow our usual step-by-step teaching format. Our instructors are happy to get you started, answer any questions you have, and check in on your progress regularly. If there is another painting being offered during this time slot, the instructor will actively teach that painting step by step. The artist will still check on you periodically however open studio lets you get creative on your own. Wine and non-alcoholic beverages....and FUN...are all included in your reservation. Cheers!

It looks like you're interested in a signing up for a class that is starting soon! In order to reserve your spot, please contact us directly by phone or email so we can make sure we have everything you need to create your masterpiece. Cheers!

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