Paint Your Pet Night: High Quality Image Instructions

Photo Quality Instructions

We only want to provide you with the best painting experience possible! This means we all need to start with a high quality image of your pet. Keep in mind that the images we receive from you will be enlarged and printed on a 16 inch by 20 inch canvas. That is big!

Please Do:

  • please do send an image from the ORIGINAL source
  • please do use an image straight from your digital camera or a smartphone (a smartphone no more than 2 years old)
  • please do make sure the photo is well-lit
  • please keep in mind that the background will be painted a solid color
  • please do make sure your image is a close-up shot
  • please do make sure your image is crisp and clear

Please Do Nots:

  • please do not download from Facebook or Instagram
  • please do not take a screenshot from your phone screen or computer
  • please do not take a picture of a picture
  • please do not send an image with more than 1 animal
  • please do not save an image off of any website
  • please do not crop the image (we will take care of cropping)
  • please do not send a blurry photo

Finished Painting as Example

Imagine what your image will look like with a solid color background, then you'll be able to provide us with an image that is appropriate. Keep in mind elements in your photo that block any part of your pets body will look very strange in the end.

 photo paint-your-pet-night_zpsadqj4eal.jpg

 photo paint-your-paint-night-wine-and-design-greenville-south-carolina_zpsuahmplyo.jpg