Wizard Academy Camp

We will make galaxy potions, mystical wands and Wizard wanted posters. No week would be complete without our very own Maurauders map and masterpieces of wonder (always;). Hurry and register, or we shall cast a spell on all those that disappoint! Children must bring a snack, lunch, and water bottle. (ALL items must be peanut free). Pricing Info 40 per child (Coupons not valid) | Registration deadline is December 23, 2019. For more information or question please contact Heather at tigard.or@wineanddesign.com or 971-717-5111

  1. Monday's painting- Choose your house and paint your own wizard. We will make galaxy potions and other wizard themed crafts!
  2. Tuesday's painting - Mystical Dragon. We will make Marauders Maps and other wizard themed crafts.
  3. Thursday's painting - Platform 9 3/4. We will make Wanted posters and other wizard themed crafts.
  4. Friday's painting - Harry Potters Owl. We will make Wizard Wand and other wizard themed crafts.