Art Camp Registration NOW OPEN!

Have you heard the BUZZ? Art Buzz Kids Summer Camps 2018 are LIVE and open for registration!

Each week is centered around a kiddo-approved theme, and each day features a beautiful canvas painting plus additional crafts, activities, and game...all sure to ignite your child's imagination!

Full Day Camp is from 9 am to 4 pm Monday thru Friday and is $295 for the week. Half Day Camp is from 9 am to 1 pm Monday thru Friday and is $195 for the week.

Register with your deposit by February 28, 2018 and Save $50 on Full Day Camp or $25 on Half Day Camp!


Zoo - Tacular

June 11 - 15:  "ZOO - TACULAR" Camp!

"Lions, tigers, bears, oh my! A week of all things furry, fuzzy, scaly, feathery, and slimy! The perfect colorful adventure for the animal lovers in your life...we’ll even be designing our own zoos!

9am – 4 pm - CLICK HERE | 9am – 1 pm - CLICK HERE



Wizard Academy

 June 18 - 22: "WIZARD ACADEMY" Camp!

"Our Wizard Academy is not just for those that love art- but also for those that love magic! Get ready to create wands, potions, spell books, and enchanting scenery! What's more magical than the power of art? All new art and projects this year!  Hurry and register, or we shall cast a spell on all those that disappoint!

"9am – 4 pm - CLICK HERE | 9am – 1 pm - CLICK HERE


Party In The USA

June 25 - 29: "PARTY IN THE USA" Camp!

"It’s not just a song, but a way of life! America the brave! Home of the free! Full of color, music, light, and sparkles. Join us for a week of celebration about all things AMERICA! Summer fun never felt so great, creating fireworks around the statue of liberty, watercolors, splatters of Red, White, Blue and everything in between!"

9am – 4pm - CLICK HERE | 9am – 1pm - CLICK HERE



Out of this World

July 9 - 13: "OUT OF THIS WORLD" Camp!

"This one's for the dreamers, the future astronauts, the alien designers, the galaxy obsessed and the glowstar lovers...a week of planetary and interstellar exploration any kid will LOVE!"

9am -4pm - CLICK HERE | 9am – 1pm - CLICK HERE



Under the SeaJuly 16 - 20: "UNDER THE SEA" Camp!

"Dip your toes in the sea, explore the depths of the ocean, make friends with a squid and cuddle an octopus...without even getting wet or jumping into a submarine! Every day will be an exploration of a different part of our beautiful oceans and the creatures that live there! Because darling it's better, down where it's wetter....take it from me!

9am – 4pm - CLICK HERE | 9am – 1pm - CLICK HERE



Discovery CampJuly 23 - 27: Kids Choice Discovery Camp!

Your Child will express their creativity in this class designed to be ALL ABOUT THEM! They will choose their main painting each day and our projects will focus on self-discovery and they will be able to choose any of the projects from the Summer's previous Camps - Zoo-Tacular, Wizard Academy, Party in the USA, Under the Sea, or Out of This World.

9am – 4pm - CLICK HERE | 9am – 1pm - CLICK HERE



Night at the Museum

July 30 – August 3: "NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM" Camp!

"Inspired by our favorite movie and stories throughout history, we are exploring every nook and cranny in time. Who hasn’t dreamed of spending the night in ancient times? This week we will spend days discovering and creating pyramids, dinosaur bones, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and more! The sky’s the limit with this museum adventure right out of the movie."

9am – 4pm - CLICK HERE | 9am – 1pm - CLICK HERE

After you pay your deposit, use this link to fill out the registration form so that we will have your child's information: