2017 Wine & Design Apex Small Business Excellence Award

Wine & Design Apex 2017 Small Business Excellence Award

Wine & Design selected for 2017 Apex Small Business Excellence Award  

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Wine & Design Franklin

Wine & Design pours up new opportunities to 'paint and sip' in Franklin

Franklin Wine & Design featured in the Williamson Herald

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Wine & Design Wilmington


Wine & Design Wilmington at the Azalea Festival Street Fair

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Wine & Design

Wine & Design to open first Tennessee location in Franklin

Wine & Design in the Williamson Herald

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Wine & Design Project ALS

'Wine & Design' Fundraiser for ALS Research

Our studio in Jamestown, NC is encouraging people to support ALS research.

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Wine & Design Shark Tank

Peninsula Wine & Design studios anticipate growth

Wine & Design featured on the Hampton Roads Daily Press

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The Post & Courier

Investors on ABC's ‘Shark Tank’ shocked as man strips naked to pitch company doing business in Charleston

Wine & Design Charleston featured on The Post & Courier

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Wine & Design Wilmington

Wine and Design celebrates Mother's Day

Wine & Design Wilmington ft. on WECT 6 News

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Amanda Owens

Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine: Adding New Brands - Successful franchisees tell how they do it

Multi-Studio Owner, Amanda Owens, Featured in Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine

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Wine & Design Burbank, Lisa Flette

Burbank Studio in LA Times

Originally posted in the LA Times March 15, 2017 Anthony Clark Carpio Contact Reporter Signing up for a painting class at an art studio without any experience can be intimidating, bu...

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Wine & Design Maryland

Maryland Studio Owners Ft. Multi-Unit Franchisee Magazine

Best advice you ever got: I think something that has stuck with us and should be enforced in today's youth is to aspire to careers that suit what you are talented in, and to hone the skill...

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Blonde Sense

Unconventional Dates: Wine & Design Vegas featured in Blonde Sense

Blonde Sense -  Make-it or Break-it...5 Unconventional VEGAS First-Date Ideas ATTENTION: First three people to comment on this blog post win a free Wine & Design class <3 It’s ...

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Wine & Design IFA

Wilmington, NC Studio Owner and Former Vet on IFA

We're so proud to have Tom Barber, a veteran, as a fellow Wine & Design franchisee. Barber has been owner of the Wilmington, NC location for about a year and has contributed immensely to th...

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